Family Foundations

Free Home based programs presented by qualified and experienced facilitators.

The overall aim of these programs is to promote parenting understanding, knowledge, skills, and behaviors which will have positive outcomes for parents, and promote the wellbeing of children



family foundations

The Five guiding principles of Family Foundations teachings:

  1. Appropriate Expectations of Children
  2. Developing Empathy in Parents and Children
  3. Discipline with Dignity
  4. Self-Awareness and Appropriate Family Roles
  5. Empowerment and Independence

A Family Intervention Specialist will meet with the family one hour each week to strengthen the family by using evidence based Nurturing Skills for Families curriculum.

A parent-child group will be held each month to allow families to form healthy connections within the community through activities.

Secondary Program

A program designed for at-risk youth, as well as parents and families experiencing mild to moderate levels of individual and family dysfunction. This program curriculum will work on stopping the dysfunction and engaging individuals and families in the process.

Accepting referrals for youth age birth-11 years old in Jefferson county or within a 30 miles radius of Mt. Vernon. Seeks to improve the lives of parents and children.


Tertiary Program

Offering the same principles of the Secondary Program but with a more intensive intervention.

Accepting only intact or placement families who reside in Clay, Hamilton, Jefferson, Wayne, or Marion counties. A program for youth up to age 18.

Designed to empower individuals and families with new knowledge and skills.



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