Family Foundations


Back: Chelsea, Morgan, Kenna Front: Jessica, Warren, Tiana

Spero Family Foundations offers Nurturing Programs designed to strengthen family relationships and improve communication among all family members. Through this 20-session program, families meet with a Family Intervention Specialist for a minimum of one hour a week, for approximately six months, to learn critical skills that:


  • Self-worth
  • Family bonding
  • Trust
  • Open Communication
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Empathy
  • Personal power in children


  • Unwanted behaviors
  • Negative attitudes
  • Risk of alcohol and drug use
  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Violence

Spero Family Foundations provides this service at NO COST to families in two options:

Option 1

Designed for at-risk youth, as well as parents and families experiencing mild to moderate levels of individual and family dysfunction. Can be used to address a higher risk population including buy not limited to families exposed to trauma and or domestic violence.

This service is provided to:

  • Families with children up to age 11,
  • Residing in Jefferson County or within 30 miles of Mt. Vernon, IL.

Option 2

A more intensive approach designed for families referred by the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services providers to address abuse, neglect, and/or dysfunction by increasing personal awareness, knowledge, and skills.

This service is provided to:

  • Child Welfare System Intact or Placement families with children up to age 18,
  • Residing in the Illinois Counties of Clay, Hamilton, Jefferson, Marion or Wayne.


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