Pause, Ponder and Pray #4

Welcome to week 4 of the Pause, Ponder and Pray series from Rev. Deborah Pollex.

Pause: Breathe in and say to yourself, “I am.” Breathe out and say “unique.” Repeat.

Ponder: You are unique and different, and there is nobody like you in the world, so why do we compare ourselves to others?  Envy can make us miserable and is usually an expression of insecurity. When we feel inferior, we get envious. When we have low self-esteem, we feel threatened by people who are more beautiful and better dressed as well as those who have more status, more education, and more charisma. Recognize your uniqueness. We don’t have to envy anybody, instead let’s focus on becoming all that God created us to be!

Pray: Thank God for three specific gifts, talents, or traits that make you unique.

Pause, Ponder and Pray #3

As we enter our third week in the Pause, Ponder and Pray series we are happy to also make our Spiritual Services page available. Here you will get to know Spiritual Life Coordinator, Rev. Deborah Pollex and more about the Spiritual Life program offered to our youth. This page will be updated with specific prayer request from our agency and youth, as well as information on Our Conference Our Kids, a mission of the United Methodist Church.

Pause: Breathe in and breathe out, notice your breath as you inhale and exhale.

Ponder: Grief never really ends. But it changes. It’s a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness nor a lack of faith. It is the price of love.

Pray: Ask God to comfort someone who is mourning.

Pause, Ponder and Pray #2

Thank you for checking back for week 2 of our Pause, Ponder and Pray series by Spero Spiritual Life Coordinator, Rev. Deborah Pollex.

Pause: Breathe in while silently saying the word, “Peace.” Breathe out while silently saying the words, “Be still.” Repeat.

Ponder: We all have stuff and situations in life that panic us. Fear saps our energy and leaves us feeling depleted and hopeless. What are your fears today? Be honest. Read the scripture in the image.  When we listen to God’s words of peace and believe them, we allow them to work their way into our innermost beings and settle the fear and chaos within.

Pray: Talk to God about one of your fears.


Pause, Ponder and Pray

Did you know that Spero Family Services had a Spiritual Life Coordinator.? Rev. Deborah Pollex, began at Spero over 3 years ago. She has weekly spiritual life groups with the youth who live on the Mt. Vernon campus, takes the youth to church on Sundays, has creative groups with the children at Spero Bright Start day care and serves as a mentor and offers guidance to the many employees of Spero. Each week, in addition to the many other things she does at the agency and for the United Methodist Church, she offers an email of inspiration to everyone who works at Spero. We would like to offer this to each of you as a reminder to slow down and reflect on all that life has to offer. Check back each week for the new Pause, Ponder and Pray series. To learn more about the Spiritual Life services offered at Spero contact Deborah Pollex or check back for the new Spiritual Life section on our website.

Pause, Ponder and Pray

Pause: Breathe in, slowly and deeply. Breathe out, slowly and deeply. Repeat.

Ponder: Some days are great. Things go as planned and you bounce from meetings to tasks to your private life and feel wonderful. Then there are other days. When something important unexpectedly goes wrong. Or when you feel sorry for yourself and just want to go back to bed. Days when you don’t feel motivated at all. The simplest way to turn a day, week or month into something more positive is to turn our focus to gratitude. We can always find something to feel grateful for in our life.

Pray: Thank God for this month…no matter what happen.

Back To School Drive

As you know, school will be starting up again soon.  Hard to believe the summer is half over already!

With this time of year comes many needs for kids, including school clothes, shoes, and school supplies. We are asking for our community’s support.

Spero Family Services will be collecting school supplies for the youth of our community programs, such as Wraparound, Bright Start daycare, Family Foundations and others.

Donation receptacles can be found at these locations in Mt. Vernon:

  • Mount Vernon Main Campus – 2023 Richview Rd
  • Spero Counseling & Wellness Center – 107 N Shiloh Dr, Mt. Vernon
  • Brightstart Daycare – 104 South 32nd, Mt. Vernon

If you’re out shopping, and would be willing to purchase and donate something from our wish-list, we would appreciate it!  Or, if you would like to donate a monetary gift to help us purchase items of need, please click the ‘Support’ button  and we’ll do the shopping for you!

Thank you in advance for helping our kids be successful in the upcoming year!